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Custom Fabrication and Concrete Installation in Shreveport, LA

Parks Concrete Products is committed to making our customers happy by fabricating anything from parking curbs to concrete barriers. If someone wants us to do something that's a little different, we are happy to help with our concrete installation in Shreveport, Louisiana. We also go to our customers' properties and make repairs if there's a problem with their products. Depend on us to go above and beyond to provide you with efficient service.


Get the concrete products you need from our concrete company. We use the highest quality materials to make retaining block pieces that are functional and long-lasting. You can trust us to be your source for quality concrete installation. Choose us for durable fabrication of:

  • Highway Barriers
  • Park Benches
  • Underwater Concrete Pipeline Anchors
  • Retaining Walls & Blocks
  • Concrete Tables & Benches
  • Concrete Fence Panels
  • Parking Curbs
  • Air Conditioner Pads
  • Concrete Barriers

Custom Work

We can do all types of custom concrete jobs, with the exception of pre-stressed beams. One of our business partners provides the custom molds we need to fulfill your requests for pieces such as concrete splash blocks that go underneath gutters or containment walls. We are probably the only company within 200 miles that does work like this.

Additionally, we provide custom precast work that includes concrete wall caps and other concrete projects. Our versatility is shown in pieces such as an explosive concrete bunker we made for the air force and concrete planters for colleges. Other custom concrete installation work we offer includes:

  • Concrete Generator Pads
  • Concrete Containment Walls
  • Concrete Barristers
  • Concrete Riser Rings

Custom Barbecue Grills

Create the perfect outdoor entertainment area at your home with the addition of a custom concrete barbecue grill. A welder with 40 years of experience builds these grills from scratch according to your requests. Our precast concrete company has built heavy-duty barbecue grills for local hospitals, caterers, and other establishments.