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Containment Walls in Shreveport, LA, Provide Dependable Barriers

The effects of an industrial spill or leak can be devastating and result in a great deal of damage to an affected property. Think about how environmentally catastrophic and expensive it can be to face the results of a fuel oil spill, and you will see the value in installing effective containment walls in Shreveport, LA. 

At Parks Concrete Products, we provide concrete products for all uses, including walls to contain spills and stop erosion, for example. Our components are often installed as the finishing touches to construction projects to ensure support is placed exactly where it’s needed and most effective.

A Simple and Effective Solution

The principle of a containment barrier is a simple one -- a wall to prevent the spread of leaked material or products --- but it’s a vital one. It’s so important in many facilities from factories to hospitals to schools that require very large tanks for oil or chemicals that they are often mandated by law.

We have precast concrete barriers for sale to meet all your needs regardless of the size of the enclosure you are seeking. The beauty of precast products is that once they are delivered and installed, they are ready to go. There are no worries of pouring cement and hoping it’s done correctly and without any impurities that result in a weak product. Our walls are made to your specifications to meet your needs precisely.

Inside and Outside

Not every wall is placed with the express purpose of keeping something in; there are times when a wall is installed to keep something out. That’s the case with the concrete highway barriers we construct.

They are very effective at shielding homes and neighborhoods from freeway traffic noise. In some situations, they are also to keep vehicles in their respective lanes and away from danger areas. Our barriers are built with reliability in mind and to withstand impacts without failure.

Everything in its Place

Not only do we create walls to keep spills contained and vehicles on the straight and narrow, but we also do the same for commercial and residential landscaping as well. We build retaining walls which are a trusted solution to concerns of erosion or landslides. These walls are made to keep soil, fill, rocks, and gravel in place so that you don’t have to be confronted someday with the effects of a damaging and messy mudslide or erosion problem.

All our products are very effective at keeping materials and objects exactly where they are meant to be, and when you use them, you will find out why our customers trust us for barriers of every size.

Contact us to learn more about our pre-cast concrete solutions. We proudly serve customers in Shreveport, LA, and the surrounding area.